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Feathers is the latest band to come out of Austin, Texas – but instead of the usual alt-rock/country dudes  with their obligatory checked shirts and beards, Feathers is more akin to  the  80s  synth-pop of Depeche Mode. Plus they’re all girls.

I saw them play The Old Blue Last yesterday, a  smallish  gig  in  the  pub’s  dingy  top room, which seemed the perfect setting for the girls’ dark, atmospheric pop tracks. The  set  showcased  front  woman  Anastasia Dimou’s  knack  at  fusing unusual sounds though her song writing: tracks like ‘Land of the Innocent’ and  ’Soft’  pair  eerie vocals and space-age synth lines, while all along  ensuring  a  pop  sensibility that  gets you dancing.

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The  girls’  stage  presence  came across  as  aloof as their haunting voices – achingly cool and seductive – broken only occasionally by the odd smile from Anastasia. Fashion-wise these girls have got it nailed – most members looked the ‘dark’ part in gothic lace and stained lips, while  keys  player Kathleen Carmichael showed off a hot bod in disco pants  and Anastasia rocked it in a bodycon maxi that changed colour with the lights.

All in all, a  refreshingly  unique girl group that’s sure to make it big this year. Make sure you catch them at  Field Day fest this weekend!

Feathers debut album If All Now Here is out May 28th. feathers.fm



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