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Anyone described as ‘Lykke Li meets TLC’ is going to cause excitement here at The Girl, and newcomer Manou’s track ‘Sadie‘ didn’t disappoint. Sixteen year old Sophia Manou has produced something akin to the best of nineties pop, and we like.

Manou’s soft and airy vocals dance over drums and synths, and it really is hard to believe this girl is only sixteen. It’s got a feel of Alisha’s Attic, that kind of sophisticated pop that’s both irreverent and dangerously catchy.

Aside from the fact that she gives good hat, we don’t know much about Manou yet. This won’t last long if ‘Sadie’ is anything to go by, but in case everyone else takes longer to catch on, we’ll be seeing more of her as she gigs around the UK next month.

Check out Manou’s Facebook page for tour dates and new releases.

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